Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Roflcopter! But Seriously, No More Fucking Helicopters

Martin Cullen narrowly missed becoming one less mouth to feed yesterday when the door fell of his helicopter which is a shame on one hand but at least the pilot's significant other has still got a significant other. A slight lurch on the way down might have dislodged the useless cunt in the back seat headfirst into the nearest pile of cowshite. No such luck this time, but surely the Minister can get his blowjobs closer to home?
Seriously, you pack of utter cunts, stop fannying around in helicopters. In fact, stay indoors. We don't want to see you and you're going to get a puck in the gob for starters when we do.
And that's just for fannying around in helicopters. The public might seem quiet at the moment about your flushing jobs and money down the toilet, but we're actually way way over there in the distance to get a good run at your big, rancorous, wasting holes.


JC Skinner said...

Did ya see the story in the Sunday Mirror about Dempsey and his helicopter jaunt last week?

Green Ink said...

No but it sounds like I'm not going to like it.

Anonymous said...

Act quick and get the movie rights...Shitehawk Down

Green Ink said...

Love it!