Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joe Rospars Talk: Fianna FAIL Web 2.0

Fianna Fail have managed to completely cunt any potential relationship they might have had with bloggers. Read the tweets for the Joe Rospars (Obama's webby guy) talk, which turned into the launch of the new FF website for bloggers who thought they were there to hear Joe Rospars.

UPDATE: FionnTimes has a screengrab from Strawberry Media billing for the event. No mention of Fianna FAIL.

UPDATE 2: The Rospars of Ob.


squid said...

Twitter link seems to be broken.

Jim_Carr said...

This just shows the lack of understanding off both FF and their PR teams towards social media..

Hopefully this is another nail in the coffin of FF

Damien B said...

My response to this, as the guy who organised it:

le craic said...

You're quick on the ball with the blog post - are you on Twitter?

Green Ink said...

Squid, seems to work for me.
Jim Carr, aren't we running out of nails?
Damien, a mea culpa goes a long way.

Paddy said...

It will just be another tool in the already formidable propaganda arsenal
of the most most corrupt political party that Ireland ever had...Fianna Fail